March 20, 2016

The One Side Project Challenge – Post #2

I squeaked out post #2 for the One Side Project Challenge

Fun With WordPress

February is almost over and I’ve only spent a few hours on Loveslices. Always in my mind, the rubber met the road and I was inspired to make a lot happen this month, but it didn’t. But here’s what did…

Being a designer, and not a developer I’m always trying to find things to speed up my project execution with as little technical knowledge as possible. I had originally had the WordPress installation on DigitalOcean. I liked the speed and cost of DigitalOcean as a simple startup hosting location.

The problem is it’s very command line, and ssh access based which is just not in my wheelhouse right now. After messing with Terminal on OSX and not being able to change a MySQL password I gave up and got some regular cPanel hosting. I opted for some cheap hosting with SSD drives for extra speed and hopefully this will be fine for now.

WordPress Plugins

See the full article here:

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