May 5, 2016

Let’s really talk about love – One Side Project Challenge

Month 3 of the One Side Project Challenge and the update is that now has a little bit more content on the homepage and we’re asking for your insights into your relationships and love lives.

Call it product validation, or call it a desire to better understand how people tick, how relationships work or don’t work and how technology can help.

The form is pretty simple, we ask whether you are in a relationship or not and depending on your answer some logic shows a few additional questions which assess your current situation. It only takes a couple of minutes and the real meat comes on the second page where the questions ask if there are things you would like to ask your partner, or things you think they would like to ask you — But haven’t yet. Formcraft is the WordPress plugin used to build the simple survey. It has some nice tools in it for form logic and is relatively easy to setup, but a good idea is to plan the form out before you start building anything.

The Formcraft admin area in WordPress. Login on the left, form in the middle, form content options on the right menu.
Last month kicked my ass as far as getting things done on Loveslices, but I feel good about this update. It’s time to start sharing with the world and see what feedback comes in… very exciting actually. And as many people have said, it’s the consistency of our actions that produce results. So I am going to do my best in staying consistent working on Loveslices.

I hope that one day in the not too distant future this application can help you keep your love, heart, partner and relationship consistently in the forefront of your life, where it belongs. If every day, or every couple of days you have moments of time that focus you and your partner on each other, those are the small seeds that will keep that love growing and deepening.

Having the goal of growing old with the one you love is a wonderful idea, but maybe making sure you hold their hand and tell them you love them every day is more important. Those are the loveslices that we all can feel good about.

Please share the form on as much as you can. The more feedback we get, the better we can create a really valuable product.

So next on the docket :

  • Spending some time digging back into the user experience of the application itself.
  • Thinking about the content we can produce for the blog other than these One Side Project Challenge posts.
  • Looking for a Sketch UI Kit that can be the basis of the application design. There are a lot of really nice ones out there and $40 or $50 could save me hours and hours of design and layout.
  • Still thinking about monetization to ensure this actually happens.

See the full post here:

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