The honor of knowing the pain of love… One Side Project Challenge

Last month we launched a simple survey at asking people about their relationship experiences, past and present. Even though we’re starting with a small sampling the brutally honest responses have only increased the desire to help. The data is anonymous and appears in our system with absolutely no identifying connections, we don’t ask for […]

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Let’s really talk about love – One Side Project Challenge

Month 3 of the One Side Project Challenge and the update is that now has a little bit more content on the homepage and we’re asking for your insights into your relationships and love lives. Call it product validation, or call it a desire to better understand how people tick, how relationships work or […]

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The One Side Project Challenge – Post #2

I squeaked out post #2 for the One Side Project Challenge Fun With WordPress February is almost over and I’ve only spent a few hours on Loveslices. Always in my mind, the rubber met the road and I was inspired to make a lot happen this month, but it didn’t. But here’s what did… Being […]

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The One Side Project Challenge – Post #1

Our Relationship

Here’s the first couple of paragraphs of the first post for the One Side Project Challenge I signed up for on The way I work is this — My mind overflows with so much information about what I want to do that it almost prevents me from doing anything. So here we go. Let’s just start… […]

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